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Local Highlight: The Iowa City Jazz Festival

Local Highlight: The Iowa City Jazz Festival

Whether you’ve been a part of the community for a long time or you’ve just moved into the Iowa City area, the Iowa City Jazz Festival is an incredible opportunity to get involved with the community, meet your neighbors, and have a great time! This amazing community gathering, which takes place from June 29 to July 1, offers an amazing array of music, food, and more. Come out and enjoy the music!

Iowa City Jazz Festival Music

The 2018 Iowa City Jazz festival will highlight the musical offerings of some of your favorite jazz bands, on an assortment of stages so that you can select the highlights you’ll want to see most. Check out Soulcat on the College Stage at 8:30 on the 29th. Visit the Youth Stage at 11:30 am to see Craig Kessler Monktet. Head over to the Local Stage at 4:30 to see George Jazz Trio–and more!

You’ll get to hear the soulful tunes of jazz from a wide range of performers, allowing you to truly get into the spirit and see everything that the festival has to offer. The festival provides music from national performers who are incredibly well-known all the way down to local acts that are just getting their start. You have the chance to see them all! A full schedule of the bands who will appear at the 2018 Iowa City Jazz Festival can be found here.

Fun for the Kids

Want to bring the family along to the 2018 Iowa City Jazz Festival? There are plenty of stops for the kids along the way! Along with the festival itself, you’ll find a variety of children’s FUN Stops. Children can run around, burn off some steam, and enjoy activities geared just toward them. Meanwhile, the adults get a chance to catch their breath before plunging back in for more jazz festival fun. There’s face painting, balloons, and more: all geared toward helping the kids have a great time at this year’s festival.

The Food

The music isn’t the only thing that speaks to your soul when you attend the Iowa City Jazz Festival. At this year’s festival, you’ll find a number of fantastic food stops: Wild Bill’s, Third Gen Cotton Candy, Gourmet Grilled Cheese, E&M Sweets, Hamburg Inn, and a whole lot more. Bring your appetite along as you listen to the sweet strains of jazz. Then head out to check out a range of festival foods that will fill your stomach along with your soul. After that, visit the beverage garden for a refreshing sip. You can also find a comfortable seat where you can relax and enjoy some of the music.

The Fireworks

On July 1, to coordinate with the Iowa City Jazz Festival, Iowa City will be shooting off their July 4th fireworks. This incredible opportunity, which begins at 9:30, will give you the chance to see a dazzling light show to rival the music you’ve been experiencing throughout the three-day weekend. Since the last act of the night begins at 8, you’ll have plenty of time to catch it all!

If you’re looking for an event that will allow you to bond with members of your community while enjoying a fantastic date night, a fun outing with the entire family, or whatever else you can imagine, there’s nothing quite like the Iowa City Jazz Festival. To learn more about the important times, dates, and other activities that will be available at the festival, check out the festival page here.

Want to make Iowa City your home so that you can capture more incredible memories like the festival? Contact us today to start the search for your dream home.

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